KILD-GA.COM is our humble tribute to those public servants in law enforcement, fire and rescue as well as EMTs in the State of Georgia who over the years have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

In doing so we would also like to express our support for all those men and women who everyday, watch over and care for us when needed.

It would be so great if I could reach a point where I say the site is complete. It would make me very happy if there was never a CURRENT name to add to this list.

Your suggestions for additonal names that should be included here as well as your comments are welcomed.
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Alamo Police Department - Police Officer Dylan Harrison - EOW 10/9/2021

Americus Police Department - Police Officer Mary Ann Frazler Barker - EOW 5/9/1983

Americus Police Department - Chief of Police William Cyrus (Bill) Barrow - EOW 6/27/1913

Americus Police Department - Police Lieutenant Homer Allen Lee - EOW 2/20/1923

Americus Police Department - Police Officer William Ratliff Morris - EOW 3/15/1907

Americus Police Department - Police Officer Nicholas Smarr - EOW 12/7/2017

Atlanta Police Department - Police Detective James J. Biello - EOW 7/28/2019

Baldwin County Sheriff's Office - Deputy William E. Robinson, IV - EOW 12/17/1995
Bibb County Sheriff's Office - Deputy Christopher Wilson Knight - EOW 4/6/2021

Clayton County Police Department - Officer Armando Mendoza - EOW 4/19/2021

Clayton County Police Department - Field Training Officer Henry Laxson - EOW 11/30/2021

Cordele Police Department - Police Officer W. R. Haralson - EOW 5/4/1975

Cordele Police Department - Chief of Police W. H. Forrest - EOW 2/16/1909

Cordele Police Department - Sergeant Carl Hiram Watson - EOW 10/18/1970

Decatur County Sheriff's Office - Lieutenant Justin Bedwell - EOW 3/1/2021

DeKalb County Police Department - Officer Edgar Isidro Flores - EOW 12/13/2018

DeKalb County Police Department - Sergeant Daniel Mobley - EOW 1/2/2021

Eastman Police Department - Patrolman Tim Smith - EOW 8/13/2016

Ellaville - Town Marshall Wilbur Brooks Souter - EOW 12/24/1934

 Ellaville Police Department - Chief of Police John Alvin Harden - EOW 11/13/1965

Franklin County Sheriff's Office - Deputy William Garner - EOW 7/19/2020

Fulton County Sheriff's Office - Deputy Kenny Ingram - EOW 9/29/2020

Fulton County Sheriff's Office - Deputy Anthony White - EOW 9/29/2020

Georgia Department of Corrections - Baldwin State Prison - Sergeant Curtis Billue - EOW 6/13/2017

Georgia Department of Corrections - Baldwin State Prison - Sergeant Christopher Monica - EOW 6/13/2017

Georgia Southwestern State University - Americus - Public Safety Officer Jody Smith - EOW 12/8/2017

Georgia State Patrol - Trooper John Frank Bass, Jr. - EOW 2/15/1950  

Georgia State Patrol - Trooper J. Keith Stewart, Jr. - EOW 4/27/1991  

Georgia State Patrol - Trooper James David Young - EOW 5/4/1975

Georgia State Patrol - Corporal Michael Douglas Young - EOW 8/29/2006

Glascock County Sheriff's Department - Deputy Joshua Ryer, Jr. - EOW 1/29/2019

Gwinnett County Police Department - Police Officer Antwan Toney - EOW 10/20/2018

Gwinnett County Police Department - Police Officer James Christopher Magill - EOW 5/23/1993

Hall County Sheriff's Office - Deputy Nicolas Dixon - EOW 7/7/2019

Henry County Police Department - Police Officer Michael Smith - EOW 12/28/2018

Henry County Police Department - Police Officer Paramhans Desai - EOW 11/8/2021

Holly Springs Police Department - Police Officer Joe Burson - EOW 6/16/2021

Jackson County Sheriff's Office - Deputy Lena Nicole Marshall - EOW 11/8/2021

Locust Grove Police Department - Police Officer Chase Maddox - EOW 2/9/2018

Long County Sheriff's Office - Deputy Sheldon Gordon Whitman - EOW 1/23/2020

Ludowici Police Department - Police Chief Frank McClelland - EOW 9/15/2018

Macon County FireRescue - Firefighter Darrell Plank - EOW 5/23/2017

Peach County Sheriff's Department - Deputy Daryl Smallwood - EOW 11/8/2017

Peach County Sheriff's Department - SGT Patrick Sondron - EOW 11/6/2016

Polk County Police Department - Detective Kristen Heame - EOW 9/29/2017

Richmond County Sheriff's Department - SGT Greg Meagher - EOW 12/5/2017

Richmond County Sheriff's Department - Investigator Cecil Dwayne Ridley - EOW 11/19/2019

Rockdale County Sheriff's Department - Deputy Walter D. Jenkins, Jr. - EOW 5/11/2022

Savannah Police Department - Police Officer Anthony Christie - EOW 5/25/2018

Savannah Police Department - Sergeant Kelvin Ansari - EOW 5/11/2019

Smyrna Police Department - Officer Christopher Eric Ewing - EOW 4/20/2020

Sumter County Sheriff's Office - Sheriff John Kimmey - EOW 12/11/1839

Webster County - Sheriff George Edward Goare - EOW 4/11/1985

Wilcox County - Sheriff Robert Rodgers - EOW 8/29/2023


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If you know of individuals who lost their lives in the line of duty in service to the citizens of the State of Georgia recently or in years past who are not listed on this website then we would like to hear from you. You can help us honor and remember those individuals by providing name, department and end of watch date to be posted on this website.


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